OUR MISSION "Covenant Community Corporation's mission is to foster community and civic engagement through education and assistance in neighborhood community organizing, facilitation of community problem solving and encouragement of informed input on issues affecting the day-to-day functionality of neighborhood communities and long-term neighborhood community vitality."

Welcome to your neighborhood!

At different points in their history, most communities and neighborhoods struggle with a variety of debilitating issues. Frequently, they have difficulty finding a path forward. Many are unaware of the resources and expertise that are available to help them sort through and address their problems, leading them to a more prosperous, healthy and productive future.


That’s where the Covenant Community Corporation (CCC) can be helpful. CCC provides a comprehensive approach to neighborhood challenges that values and requires neighborhood and community engagement. CCC can help create stronger and more resilient communities through “community building” strategies that mobilize citizens and their connections to one another, foster ownership of their work, identify and build on their assets, and strengthen their civic capacity. The goal is to form strong leaders and networks among internal and external entities in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. On a larger scale, and, an especially important role of CCC in its interactions with communities, is its ability to teach people how to change policies and reform systems in ways that can yield positive returns for their neighborhood over the long term.