OUR MISSION "Covenant Community Corporation's mission is to foster community and civic engagement through education and assistance in neighborhood community organizing, facilitation of community problem solving and encouragement of informed input on issues affecting the day-to-day functionality of neighborhood communities and long-term neighborhood community vitality."

The Harrisburg Rain Barrel Project

Project Initiation

On March 7, 2013, Jump Street hosted a group of Harrisburg city residents who thought it would be a good idea to discuss promoting the use of rain barrels in the City of Harrisburg. A bit of brainstorming was done, and the group came up with a number of preliminary ideas, needs and issues that they want to discuss further at the next meeting scheduled for April 4, 3:00 p.m. at Jump Street. Other interested people are invited and encouraged to participate!

Target audiences:

Neighborhoods, Youth, Urban Gardeners, Individuals and Businesses

Training Workshops:

Trainers; Guidelines and Care of Barrels; Environmental benefits; Gardening; Health and nutrition; Barrel-making demonstrations

Storage and Logistics:

Harrisburg Authority; Jump Street

Outreach and Publicity:

Supplies, Kits and Barrels (includes cinder blocks):


Air brush artists; Spray paint; Art contest; Artists; Community art contest

Festival (June 2013):

Jump Street Parking lot

Funding Sources

Home Depot, Lowes, True Value; Construction Companies (cinder blocks); Jump Street (grant deadline April 17); Dauphin County Gaming unrestricted discretionary funds; Chesapeake Bay Fund; Greenworks; EAC